Applied Arts

To enroll in the following programs, please call 773-358-3200 or stop by the Red Shield Center at 945 West 69th St and sign-up.


This is a beginner sewing class. Week 1 includes an introduction to sewing instruction and weeks 2-4 are actual hands-on sewing of a sleep shirt and pillowcase. Class fee includes all instruction, information handouts and use of sewing machines during class. Students must provide their own material, which will vary depending on the size of shirt to be made. The amount will be determined in the first class and material must be purchased for use in the second class. A maximum of 4 ¼ yards material (45” wide) will be needed.

Ages: 12 to adult

Day/Date: Saturdays

Time: 10:00a.m.-12:00p.m.

Registration Deadline: February 2 – February 23

Class Fee: $15 PLUS MATERIAL ($10 plus materials for Fitness Center Members)

Minimum/Maximum: 5-8


Teens can learn the basics of film editing, filming and writing while getting hands on experience with film equipment from film professionals. Participants will have the chance to participate in the Youth Speak Out TV Show.

Ages: 12 -18

Day/Date: Saturdays, February 9- March 9

Time: 10:00a.m.-11:00a.m.

Registration Deadline: February 2

Fee: $10

Min/Max: 4-15


Teens can learn the basics of spoken word poetry, creative writing, acting techniques and have the opportunity to perform at a live event at the end of the program.

Ages: 12-18

Day/Date: Tuesdays, February 5- March 5

Time: 6:00p.m.- 7:00p.m.

Registration Deadline: January 29

Min/Max: 4-20


Teens can learn different dance styles and choreography from professionals in the field. Teens will be able to be part of a video recording and participate in a live event at the end of the program.

Ages: 12-18

Day/Date: Wednesdays, February 6- March 6

Time: 7:00p.m.- 8:00p.m.

Registration Deadline: January 30

Min/Max: 4/20